Redhat, Plesk, named, and chroot oh my!

Well once again I performed my updates via Redhat up2date, and once again I lost all name services on a server.  This time I thought I would post my fix, since it was the same as last time.

There was an update issued by RHN this evening which updated the bind-chroot rpm. As part of it’s post install script it will attempt to relocate any zone files that may be located outside of the chroot into a chrooted directory in /var/named/chroot.

Since PSA implements a chroot for named outside of this package the nameserver files will be relocated to a path like…


This will of course break named’s ability to startup.

simply remove the bind-chroot rpm and re-link the /etc/named.conf file to the right location.

rpm -e bind-chroot
ln -sf /var/named/run-root/etc/named.conf /etc/named.conf
/sbin/service named restart

You should be good to go at that point.

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