Goodbye Windows Vista

Well, I installed Windows Vista 1 1/2 months ago. During that time I dealt with many driver problems, software issues, and quirks. But the end has come. Today Windows Vista decided it was not Genuine, and that I needed to activate it. Of course it is Genuine, and it had already been activated, so I put in a quick (HAH!) call to Microsoft to activate it after the automated method of doing it over the web failed.

During the call they asked me for the 9 sets of numbers, Catalog ID or something like that. However, each set of numbers that were supposed to be there was empty leaving me with nothing to read off to the friendly automated operator. So I had to wait for a LIVE support person in India. The support person walked me through a couple of reboots, and different options, but the numbers simply would not appear.

After exhausting all options with the registration support person I was redirected to tech support. This was equally frustrating, as I was simply informed that this was a known bug in Vista and I needed to reload my system.

I will now install Ubuntu. 🙂