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  • Setting up local step debugging with PhpStorm

    Setting up PHP debugging in an IDE with a local development environment has gotten so easy it can be done in a few automated steps. In this post I will demonstrate how to get step debugging functioning with PhpStorm and Zend Debugger when the server is set up on a local environment. To begin with, I […]

  • PHPStorm and debugging IP issue

    Recently I was helping someone troubleshoot an issue using PhpStorm and Zend Debugger. In this case Zend Studio was able to debug an application using Zend Debugger while PhpStorm was failing unless an SSH tunnel was used. The error received was: Host ‘’ is not allowed to open debug sessions – please configure zend_debugger.allow_hosts in the ini file.Failed […]

  • PHPUnit, Composer, PHPStorm, Oh my!

    Installing PHPUnit within a project via Composer, then running tests through PHPStorm is not an intuitive process. However, with the right steps it’s actually pretty simple. Here is my story: To launch the call for papers for the SunshinePHP Developer Conference it was a pleasure to use the OpenCFP project as a starting point rather […]

  • My experience at Code Retreat Miami 2012

    This past weekend (Dec. 8th, 2013) I had the great opportunity to experience my first Code Retreat in Miami, for the Global Day of Code Retreat, here is a post about it to help inform others about this wonderful event.  If you have a chance in the future to get to one, it is a […]

  • Add items to Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Launcher (quicklaunch)

    Creating a Unity Launcher item in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is a bit challenging. Here is how I took care of it for Zend Studio and PHPStorm.