Category: fun

  • How to get lines of code in PHP with PHPLoc via CLI or using Docker

    This video shows how to get the lines of code in a PHP application by using PHPLoc from the command line or using Docker. PHPLoc is a command line application to generate a small but useful report. Adam Culp will show how to use it from a Docker Container using a Docker Image he created. […]

  • What motivates us?

    This animated video from RSA features Dan Pink, a well known speech writer for Al Gore and Robert Reich, has spoken at TED (YouTube), and wrote a book called “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”, does an awesome job of breaking down what motivates people doing complex tasks.  It is short and easy […]

  • Great time at php|tek 2012

    Why I had such a great time at php|tek12, and a review of the conference in general.