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TinyMCE URL rewrite problem editing emails (kinda solved)

TinyMCE has a habit of rewriting the URL for images, etc.  However, this becomes broken when using TinyMCE to edit things like emails.  The relative path is totally useless in an email because the email is not being viewed from the server like a webpage would be.

To fix this I searched the tiny_mcs.js and found that TinyMCE had two settings in the tiny_mce.js file that are boolean flags (true,false or 0,1) dealing with URL’s. The variables are relative_urls and convert_urls, and by default they are set to true, or 1.

After changing these setting to false (or zero) I have not had any further problems with using TinyMCE to edit email content.

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Background image generator –

After Ian posted this on his blog I thougth I would follow suit. (He always seems to find the cool stuff.)

This very nifty site allows you to create tiled background images for use wherever you may need them. At first I thought “yuck, I stopped using backgrounds long ago”. But after playing with rotation, colors, and opacity I found that a pretty nice tiled background can be useful when applied right.

It is very difficult to do a good job on tiled backgrounds, but this site makes it easy.