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  • Sharing the Beachcasts office and studio set up

    Sharing the Beachcasts office and studio set up

    Adam Culp shares the studio setup, and equipment used, for RunGeekRadio and Beachcasts recording and production.

  • Create global .gitignore for user settings

    When it comes to ignoring files in a git repository I do something I think many others have done.  I’ve added user level settings files to my .gitignore because I don’t want them included in my git repository.  You know, the files created by an IDE, operating system, or other applications.  Such as ‘.project’ created […]

  • Schedule for a productive day

    Thanks to a friends tweet I found a handy post on “The Week” which highlighted schedules of successful people and productivity tips around optimized daily appointments.  Much of it rang true with me, so to prevent me from losing sight of it I decided to reiterate it here. Early morning Wake early, to get things going […]