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  • PHPMyAdmin blank whitescreen (414 Request-URI Too Long)

    Ran across an interesting issue where PhpMyAdmin on a newly installed CentOS server was not rendering in a browser. Or more accurately, it was rendering but the CSS kicked in and caused the browser to display a blank page rather than the desired login screen. (Doing a View Source on the page showed that the […]

  • Ubuntu 16.04 and PHP 7 not rendering

    After reloading my work laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (I prefer to do a reload versus an upgrade, for each LTS version) I was very excited to install PHP 7, and installed using the standard Ubuntu repositories using typical commands: $ sudo apt-get install apache2 $ sudo apt-get install php7.0 However, after doing the installs […]

  • Install APC (alternative PHP cache) on RedHat RHEL 5

    In this post I show how I installed APC, a Pecl extension to PHP, on a Red Hat 5 server.

  • Get SSL running on Apache (CentOS)

    I was playing with a new virtual server that had CentOS installed on it recently, and wanted to get SSL working for Apache.  Since I was only setting up a development server I really didn’t need to purchase a certificate and decided to use a self-signed certificate.  Here is what I did: First I needed […]

  • Apache parse PHP from within files using ‘.html’ extension

    Recently I had someone that needed to move their site to a new server. The site was entirely created with the files using the .html extension, but had embeded inside. I simply cleared this up by adding the following line to the httpd.conf, and after a reboot of Apache i was set to go. AddType […]