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  • Install APC (alternative PHP cache) on RedHat RHEL 5

    In this post I show how I installed APC, a Pecl extension to PHP, on a Red Hat 5 server.

  • Redhat, Plesk, named, and chroot oh my!

    Well once again I performed my updates via Redhat up2date, and once again I lost all name services on a server.  This time I thought I would post my fix, since it was the same as last time. There was an update issued by RHN this evening which updated the bind-chroot rpm. As part of […]

  • PHP failing to upload images on a Plesk managed server

    I recently upgraded a few of my Linux servers from Plesk 7.5 to 8.2. Everything seemed to be fine, however calls started coming in about PHP forms not uploading images correctly. My team and I were troubleshooting this problem for a few days trying to narrow down the problem. We looked at folder permissions, script […]

  • Adding mssql capability to PHP5 on CentOS

    I had a need to connect to MSSQL using PHP version 5 from a CentOS 5 server. To do this I needed FreeTDS and the module mssql in PHP. After a diligent search I found that there was no quick and easy way to install the mssql module, like “up2date install php-gd” to get GD […]

  • Redhat Linux uptime command

    The uptime command is very handy to get a snapshot of info about the servers time since last reboot, and load. Command: $ uptime Sample Results: 20:43:04 up 40 days, 13:43, 6 users, load average: 2.03, 1.68, 1.5 Breakdown of results: The current time (20:43:04) How long the system has been running in days and […]