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  • The 2015 Slack vs IRC debate rages on

    It seems that 2015 will likely be partially remembered as the year IRC zealots raged against those using Slack instead of the old reliable, and still growing daily, IRC chat. And it is turning out to be as lively as the “tabs versus spaces” debate that never seems to end. Of course this means I […]

  • Adam Culp OSCON 2014 Interview

    While at OSCON 2014 speaking about refactoring I gave an interview.  Here it is:

  • Hack-a-thons are not “normal”

    In life I tend to do things a bit strange.  Not what most would consider “normal”.  For instance, I run thousands of miles each year and have been known to run up to 100 miles in a single week. (Yes, run.)  I am a black belt in Judo, and enjoy being thrown to the ground, […]