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  • Using an SSH tunnel to step debug through a firewall

    In a previous post I covered how to set up PHP step debugging in Zend Studio. But if that doesn’t work there may be a firewall in between the server and the debugging client, or IDE, preventing the connection. Here is a possible way to get around that. Note: Of course there is no way to […]

  • Setting up remote step debugging with Zend Studio

    Recently I was helping someone set up step debugging of PHP in Zend Studio to debug a remote site, and had some difficulties. So I decided to create this post to remind me later, and perhaps help others get it set up. I was doing this on an Ubuntu laptop, so while menus may vary slightly […]

  • Add items to Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Launcher (quicklaunch)

    Creating a Unity Launcher item in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is a bit challenging. Here is how I took care of it for Zend Studio and PHPStorm.

  • Zend Studio IDE knowledge nuggets!

    I recently realized a few things that I didn’t know about the Zend Studio IDE. As many know I have used the Zend Studio IDE for PHP development for some time. All along I have been using the templates built into the IDE, and never realized that they could be changed since I had no […]