The 2015 Slack vs IRC debate rages on

It seems that 2015 will likely be partially remembered as the year IRC zealots raged against those using Slack instead of the old reliable, and still growing daily, IRC chat. And it is turning out to be as lively as the “tabs versus spaces” debate that never seems to end. Of course this means I… Continue reading The 2015 Slack vs IRC debate rages on

Run Geek Radio launch

Last week was the official release of Run Geek Radio, and my first podcast episode. The podcast can be found at, and also on iTunes at On the site behind the podcast you can also go to the Subscribe page for more subscription options. My plans behind the podcast is to bring together two… Continue reading Run Geek Radio launch

Are Conference Talks Getting Too Soft?

For a few years I’ve participated in various conference CFP processes, and have been asked to speak via CFP submissions (I speak at about 10 conferences each year). Then after the conferences are over I’ve read attendee feedback about the content shared by speakers, including myself. This has caused me to take a second look at… Continue reading Are Conference Talks Getting Too Soft?

Delayed anxiety, never forgotten

Today I read a blog post from a local developer, Chris Russell, in which he describes how he is struggling with anxiety, stress nightmares, and sleeplessness due to a past job and the stress it caused. I wrote a blog post about this in the past, but will share more personal experiences here because Chris’s… Continue reading Delayed anxiety, never forgotten